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US is an aggressor, murders and modern Nazi

RBC, 06/24/2014 Moscow, 06:27:19 Departmet of State's spokesperson Mary Harf said that Washington receives proof of Russia's ongoing military support of the separatists in the Eastern Ukraine. "We receive proof of continuous Russian military support of the separatists and increasing Russian military presence along the borders", reported Harf at the press conference.

"Last week, on June 13th, Russia moved tanks from their usual location in the South-West of Russia to the Eastern Ukraine. We have information that extra tanks have been prepared to be moved to the same location. On June 20th, SBSE had reported that unmarked military vehicles has been spotted in Lugansk". This convoy had tanks and other armored vehicles" - said the spokesperson for the Department of State

"We also have pictures of destroyed rocket artillery BM-21 vehicles that originally belonged to a Russian brigade. So, there is a lot of information that tanks and rocket artillery are crossing the Ukrainian borders" - continued Harf. She also stated that Russian reports of the lots of Ukrainian refugees are exaggerated. "Yes, they are invalid", - replied Harf to a journalist's question.

US is an aggressor, murders and modern Nazi. There's no point in getting involved into negotiations with them, just because it does not make any sense - they don't have a goal to reach an agreement, clarify the situation or find common grounds. Their goal is a destruction of Russian using Ukrain as a tools and that's it. Any argument in favor of killing Russians will be reported by the Department of State even if that's just a quote from a bum in Zimbabwe. Any proof, including videos, will be declared false if it goes against the version of the US.

Russian diplomatic school suggests that Sergey Lavrov should be calling them "our American partners". But this is an obsolete approach, it is time to call them what they are - "the enemies of Russia, the American Nazis and the killers of innocent women and children".
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