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I am NOT Charlie!

Did someone ever spit into you mother's face in front of you? Posted nude pictures of your sister on the internet? Took a shit on your grandfather's medals?

Charlie Hebdo "journalists" did all that professionaly for years. They even got paid.

Therefore today I am – Syrian;
I am – Odessite burned alive in Trade Unions House;
I am – Palestinian boy suffocating beneath ruins of my own house in Gaza;
I am – five years old Arseny, torn to pieces by mortar shell launched by Ukrainian army in Slavyansk. Last thing I've seen before I went blind – my mother dying to let me live for six more hours;
I am – cab driver, mechanic, miner, factory worker from Donetsk protecting my family from Ukrainian neonazis invasion;
I am – tortured Guantanamo adbuctee. No lawyer, no trial – my relatives don't even know I'm still alive;
I am – Cuban rotting away in secret CIA prison in a random country. Maybe it is even yours, I do not know;
I am – teenager killed by USA cop without warning, because cop "felt threatened";
I am – one of the innocent French policemen killed on 7th of January.

But I am NOT your fucking Charlie!

Not today, not ever.

Tags: eiw, english, information war
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Изначально данный блог был личной попыткой противостояния в информационной войне против США и Европы. Но со временем мы все больше помогаем простым людям, при этом блог временами выходит на 3-4 место в России по цитируемости (примечательно, что у Ведомостей там 31 000 ссылок за месяц, у Форбс 20…
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