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In the last few months European leaders like Sarkozy, former President of France (“The world needs Russia” said in Moscow) and Silvio Berlusconi, former Prime Minister of Italy, have visited Russia to meet President Putin, trying to raise the voice of vast majority of the the European citizens, those opposing the EU sanctions on the Russian Federation. Our young entrepreneurs, from both sides, are being victims of the EU sanctions on Russia and the Russian counter-sanctions consequences!

We should remember the letter from Juncker, current President of the European Commission, to Mr. Putin in order to find a future economic agreement between the Eurasian Economic Union and the EU single market. The former Prime Minister of Luxembourg underlined EU|Russia relations “can’t be dictated by US” and “Russia must be treated decently”. Right words. Time to develop them!

To keep the cooperation between strategic partners is a key factor for success, that’s why the rapprochement between the European Union and Russia is a must. The sooner happens, the better.

In a globalized world, with new emerging powers, it is vital to rethink the role of Europe as a whole and Eurasia as realistic geopolitical body and future strong actor in the international relations scenario.

The new EU Global Strategy will continue recognizing that the engagement with Russia is important.
We should reinforce the role of the Council of Europe (CoE) where all European countries meet and bring more Russian activites into Brussels and Strasbourg debates. It is healthy, it is necessary, more than ever if we wanna avoid the repetition of past conflicts, misunderstanding and mutual distance.
And after the above positive comments from EU leaders you could wonder which is the youth’s role?

I see it very clear: to break barriers and to build bridges. And here is where DEMYC, as one of the strongest young historical platforms is playing an important role being the only one European and Middle Eastern political NGO including Russia among its members.
DEMYC was born during the Cold War. As Conservative and Christian-democratic youth organization you can imagine it was not the best friend of the Soviet or other Socialist movements around Europe, but nowadays we include the Young Guard (Molodaya Gvardia) of United Russia in our team, working together, overcoming the differences and establishing a common agenda for the better future of our generations. And same is happening with the Rosmolodezh (Russian Federal Agency on Youth Affairs) cooperation and the National Youth Council of Russia. We always have Russian delegates in our international activites and enrich our seminars bringing the voice of your youth abroad, from Saint Petersburg to Spain, from Kazan to Serbia, from Moscow to Armenia, Azerbaijan, Austria, to Europe!

I believe in a great Europe, where the cooperation among Nations and the respect to our traditions will lead us to have a real Europe, from Lisbon to Vladivostok, including other Eurasian countries.

We youth want to reinforce the Visa liberalization dialogue, a common space on Research, Education and Culture, a common space on external Security, a common space of Freedom and Justice, a common Economic space to create business friendly atmosphere for our entrepreneurs, a common Europe including Russia, promoting our common interests and facing together our common challenges.

For the youngs nowadays EU programs like Erasmus are promoting exchange of views in the European youth. So if such model is working in the field of Education, why not to extend it among our Eurasian neighbours? If so Russia will play a key role building such relations and the next Eurasian meeting in Orenburg September 2016 will be a good chance to start performing our common projects.

The youth forums organized by Rosmolodezh for the summertime will be an excellent opportunity for foreign students and young adults to meet Russian partners during Terra Scientia et al. Investing in youth is the only way to have the guarantee of better relations between Russia and the rest of Europe.
International minded youngs will have a top level event October 2017 in Sochi attending the World Festival of Youth and Students hosted in Russia next year. More than 30 thousand youngs from all over the world will be there and launching meetings like that one is the right manner to bring together our next generation of Russian, European and rest of the globle adaptative leaders ‪#‎WFYSRussia‬

Due to the fact that as Sir Winston Churchill said “Russia is a riddle wraped in a mystery inside an enigma” I hope our Russian friends will continue opening their hearts and minds to understand better this fascinating countrie, once upon a time an Empire lead by the Czars and well connected with the other Monarchies of our common land, Europe, where our common values meet through the History.

For many European conservatives, Russia represents the lighthouse for the traditional society, the Nation from the East who can balance the “decadent West” as Vladimir V. Putin said in one of his famous speeches during the annual Valdai Club meeting. We cannot forget the cultural heritage that Russia with Pushkin, Tolstoi, Dostoyevsky et al. contributed to the soul of Europe.

Let’s work together with the youth, for the youth, and Russia and the rest of Europe will cheer together and our families will celebrate it with us. Ура!



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Изначально данный блог был частной, личной попыткой противостояния в информационной войне против США, Европы и внутренней пятой колонны. Но со временем мы все больше помогаем простым людям, при этом блог временами выходит на 3-4 место в России по цитируемости (примечательно, что у Ведомостей там…


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Jun. 7th, 2016 10:52 am (UTC)
Хорошо, что есть на западе нормальные люди. Плохо, что они там, похоже, пока не в чести
Jun. 7th, 2016 11:42 am (UTC)
Здравомыслие приходит к западным политикам только вместе с отставкой.
Jun. 7th, 2016 09:18 pm (UTC)
Или перспективой люлей, как к Кеннеди и Никсону во время, соответственно Карибского кризиса и войны во Вьетнаме)
Jun. 7th, 2016 11:00 am (UTC)
为什么我们需要有关的案文的这一语言? ))))
Jun. 7th, 2016 11:06 am (UTC)
Работа в иностранном поле - один из важнейших перспективных элементов работы. Это всегда было в блоге, будет и в группе, только на более серьезном уровне.
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