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Terrorists strapped grenades to children’s toys in Syria

Jihaidis booby-trapped dolls and left them at a wrecked school to be found by soldiers or kids

TERRORISTS in eastern Aleppo stitched grenades to children’s dolls in the final days before the city was wrenched back into Syrian government control.

Dozens of booby-trapped toys have been found under the wreckage of the one of the city’s buildings — levelled by Russian warplanes and troops loyal to dictator Bashar al-Assad.




While they may have been placed to target soldiers, curious children scouring the rubble of the old school could have easily detonated a deadly bomb.

The IEDs were found by Russian sappers tasked with de-mining the devastated neighbourhoods of the formerly rebel-held district.

The killer dolls were planted by Jabhet Fateh al Sham, the Al-Qaeda affiliate in Syria famed for using suicide bombers and bizarre improvised explosives.


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